[mythtv-users] Apple iTV - potentially great HD frontend

Brad Dolman mythtv at braddolman.com
Tue Sep 12 15:55:34 EDT 2006

For those not following Apple's event today, Apple announced the iTV  
(temporary name) which will ship in a few months. Its a wireless HD  
set-top box to send media from your Mac or PC to your HD TV. Looks  
like just what the doctor ordered... $299. From the event transcript:
HDMI connector for all new big-screen flat panel TVs
Component video (RGB)
analog audio RCA jacks
Optical audio
Controled with the familiar white remote
Hooks directly to your screen or to your set-top box as another  
input, or to your receiver.
Roughly the same size as, but shorter than, the Mac Mini. I likey,  
hopefully it will accept an video source from the host computer and  
send it so that I can run the Mac frontend.
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