[mythtv-users] Playing DVDs - audio and video questions

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On 9/12/06, Trey Thompson <trey at verustech.com> wrote:
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> > On 9/11/06, Trey Thompson <trey at verustech.com> wrote:
> > > I searched for these independently, couldn't find anything.
> > >
> > > 1.  DVD Playback just blinks and goes back to the Myth screen.
> However,
> > if
> > > I click "View" from the DVD rip screen, it plays to the screen just
> fine
> > > (except audio - see below).
> >
> > Do you have it set to use the internal player or one of the external
> > players (xine/mplayer)?
> It's the standard .19 install from ATrpms (using yum), so I believe it's
> using mplayer.

Check the mythfrontend log, mplayer's output should display there
letting you know whats happening. It sounds like mplayer is failing to
play the disc for some reason. I believe the two methods use different
launch commands.

Through the Rip menu, does it play back via mplayer? (I've never used
the Rip features, so I'm unsure to exactly how it does things).

> > > 2.  During the DVD Playback, I get just the "background" sound,
> meaning,
> > > music, sound effects, etc...  but I can't hear the person
> talking...?  I've
> > used
> > > KMix, and turned ALL outputs up all the way...  ARGH?!
> >
> > sounds like it expects 5.1 channels and your only using stereo
> speakers.
> I thought about that while driving today.  So, I'm in the "line out /
> Front L/R Out" port on my motherboard.  So, it seems to me that since
> I'm just using stereo, it's only getting the front l/r channels.  But if
> I plugged in a 6 channel speaker system, it should get it all OK.  Does
> this sound correct?  I'm going to test with National Lampoon's Vacation
> when I get home, I know that it's stereo only.
> If that IS correct, is there a way to "combine" the audio into just
> stereo output like a TV?

you can check to see if its outputing to the other speakers by just
plugging your existing speakers into the other channel outputs on your
soundcard/motherboard. With mplayer you can tell it to downmix to
stereo output. I forget the command, "man mplayer" will have it.

or upgrade to 0.20 and use the internal player ;-)

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