[mythtv-users] tivo series 3 released

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Sep 12 13:36:20 EDT 2006

On 09/12/06 12:58, Craig Partin wrote:

>Don't forget that the TiVo is basically and x86 PC.  If it has a
>cablecard interface then someone will hack it.  If cablecard does take
>off then MS will push for cable card interfaces for the PC as well.
>It'll come around to linux eventually.   It may be a grey area like
>DeCSS but I happily watch DVDs now.

Yes, but DVD's are used worldwide.  CableCard is US-only.  That means 
anyone in the US who attempts to crack CableCard is committing a federal 
felony offense (under the DMCA).  If CableCard were used outside the US, 
others--who aren't constrained by the DMCA--would have motive to crack 
it, thereby having a very different cost/benefit ratio than a US cracker.

Oh, and DeCSS is gray like speeding is gray.  It's very much against the 
law--only you're not very likely to be prosecuted for doing it.  (True, 
you're probably more likely to be prosecuted for speeding, but the 
cost/benefit ratio is, again, very different--remembering that cost must 
factor in both penalty (which is smaller for speeding) and likelihood of 
prosecution (which is higher for speeding).)


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