[mythtv-users] Mythtv 0.20 - PVR-350 video out... gone?

Brian May brian at bmay.org
Tue Sep 12 17:15:42 UTC 2006

> On 9/12/06, Brian May <brian at bmay.org> wrote:
>> > Mike:
>> >
>> > Agreed.  I'm currently on old cheap hardware (a PIII @ 500Mhz) so I
>> need
>> > the
>> > hardware help on decoding MPEG, and the "boss" hasn't approved any new
>> > technology purchases.  Given the significant WAF of MythTV, however,
>> I'm
>> > hoping I can get her to OK a hardware upgrade.
>> I'm in the same boat.. K6-500 with PVR-350.  The wife hates it when I
>> upgrade things (usually on the software side) as something breaks and it
>> takes a while to fix.  My latest try to fix is lirc.. the last update
>> killed the remote, so I downgraded to the previous version and it STILL
>> doesn't work. Now the wife is mad that she has to use a keyboard to use
>> the TV.
> I feel your pain. I haven't had problems with lirc though. What specific
> versions are you referring to, and what distro are you using?

Heh.. Fedora Core 3 and ATrpms..  (I told you the wife hates software
upgrades..)  LIRC version is 0.8.0.. I can't get the exact versions as the
box is not on a network...  usually the downgrade fixes the issue, but
this time it didn't.  I'm sure the upgrade change a config file

I do think that if I do get the lirc working again, I'll stop with the
updates until I can get a new box..  evenmore so with the PVR-350 support
going downhill fast..  :(

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