[mythtv-users] Colour/contrast

Tom Lawton tlawton at gmx.de
Tue Sep 12 07:40:23 EDT 2006


  I've been using mythtv for a while on a PC setup and finally have  
had permission to connect it up to the proper TV. I'm watching DVB in  
the UK, using an Intel Core Duo HTPC (Intel graphics 945GM, using  
i810 driver, connected via d-sub VGA to an LG 37" LCD TV).

  My main problem is that the picture isn't as good as using the TV's  
own tuner. Part of this is probably the TV's various enhancement  
algorithms, which don't seem to be active on the RGB input; but there  
are other problems. Reds particularly can look almost luminous, and  
hilights often look bleached.

  With MythTV I can adjust the brightness (currently on 43%) but  
reducing it just makes the picture look dark. I can adjust the  
contrast (currently on 19%) but it makes the picture look overdone,  
or very weird if it's reduced. Attempts to change colour or hue just  
make it jump to '-1%' and won't actually do anything.

  Any advice on sorting out the picture quality?



PS Is there any mythtv filter that could replicate the functions of  
LG's "XD" image processing and reduce mpeg artefacts etc?

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