[mythtv-users] Sound problems in live tv

Marek McGann marek.mcgann at mic.ul.ie
Tue Sep 12 07:36:13 EDT 2006


I've spent the last couple of days struggling to get a MythTV box up and 
running on my recently purchased Dell. I've had some success, but one or two 
big problems still left to overcome.

The main one is that live tv is utterly silent.

I'm running Myth 0.19-5 on Kubuntu Dapper 6.06.1 (2.6.15-26-i386), using ivtv 
driver version v.0.4.6

The music, news, weather and browser plugins are all working just fine.

Things I've tried:
- Setting output to /dev/dsp and mixer to /dev/mixer
- Setting output to ALSA:default (with mixer set to default this gives errors 
of "unable to find mixer Master" or "mixer PCM", depending on how it's set)
- Setting output to ALSA and switching off Myth control of volume (this 
produces an "opening default" message in the shell, but no sound)
- Innumerable mixer settings using both kmix and alsamixer
- Setting up .asoundrc as given in 
(though I couldn't see where the device and card details were supposed to go)

Artsd is switched off and as far as I can tell all the right modules are in 
place for my soundcard (there's perfect sound for every other program).

Any pointers would be very greatly appreciated.

Growing dispondent,


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