[mythtv-users] information recovery question

Stuart Morgan stuart at tase.co.uk
Tue Sep 12 04:59:03 EDT 2006

On Tuesday 12 September 2006 09:42, jack snodgrass wrote:
> I have this file name ( and a lot more )
> 1018_20060716210000.mpg
> based on this name, can I use a sql query to get the show id
> and other show info that this used to be associated with?
> Also.... what do the numbers 1018 mean... I get that the
> rest is a time stamp... but the first numbers have always confused
> me.

1018 is the channel id.

The channel id and time together uniquely match the recording in the recorded 
table (fields chanid and starttime).

e.g. "SELECT title, subtitle, description FROM recorded WHERE chanid='1018' 
AND starttime='2006-07-16 21:00';
Stuart Morgan

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