[mythtv-users] How to migrate a disk in SW RAID? WAS:Re: RAID 5 of different sized disks for mythtv storage?

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Mon Sep 11 23:34:20 UTC 2006

I have a 4 disk RAID in hda(b)(c)(d)
I am adding a prommise IDE controler.
I want to migrate the raid setup to be hda hdc hdf hdh

Any one know how to do that?  The data on the drive will still be  
there, I just have to tell it to look somehwere else.

Also, can anyone confirm that a single promise PCI ATA add in card has  
two seperate BUS's?  I am trying to break my RAID to one drive per BUS.

Thank you,


Quoting Mike Frisch <mfrisch at isurfer.ca>:

> On 11-Sep-06, at 5:38 PM, list at onnow.net wrote:
>> How would this work then?
>> Now: all 4 IDE drives on primary/secondary ( master slave)
>> Alternate: add a PCI ide card.  Split things up with two drives going
>> the the IDE card ( master master )
>> So 4 masters essentially.  Would an IDE card give two seperate BUS
>> channels?
> My RAID5 array is 5 drives- one on the on-board secondary controller,
> one drive each on the primary/secondary controllers of two Promise
> Ultra/100 PCI cards.  Each PCI IDE controller gives two separate IDE
> buses.
>> Is the alternate idea worth it?
> It is to me.  You're killing performance by having drives on master/
> slave.
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