[mythtv-users] Possibility to run a shell script if channel changed or record started?

Steven Schwarznau privat at darksoft-projects.de
Mon Sep 11 21:02:43 UTC 2006

Jeff Simpson schrieb:
>> I have some sound problems with ivtv and MythTv on PVR 150.
>> But that's not the real problem, because I can fix it up with a simple
>> shell script, which is currently called every minute.
> If you have to run a shell script every minute, to keep audio working, that
> sounds like the real problem to me...

The script is not necessary to keep audio working. It's only necessary 
after changing a channel or starting a record.

>> But I imagine, that MythTv is also able to call a shell script when a
>> channel is changed or a record starts.
>> Is there such a function and how can I use it?
> You can call a shell script TO change the channel, but I don't know that
> there is any mechanism in place to change the channel AND run a shell
> script. If you are using an external channel change script anyway, you could
> just write a wrapper script to call both the channel-change and your fix-sound
> script.
> I'd suggest fixing the sound instead. What is the problem it's having / what
> script do you have to run every minute to fix it?
>  - Jeff
My Problem is, that the sound is scratched and there's a lot background 
I think it's a problem of ivtv. The script I call set some parameters 
with ivtvctl.
I don't know why, but after calling the "dummy"-ivtvctl-set, the sound 
is ok.

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