[mythtv-users] Multiple media storage directories? (was Large Drive setup for myth)

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Mon Sep 11 19:21:38 UTC 2006

A great approach would be a "spill over" kind of ssytem.
Storage locations in order of preference.

Kind of thing.  There would have to be a fair bit of logic involved  
though.  How much space if left, how big is the file I am going to  
write ( and how can I tell  how big it will be? )

I could see that working but users having alot of problems with it.  
LVM and/or RAID is stil much more straight forward.  Perhaps  
mytharchive will reduce some of the need for RAID and make LVM a bit  
easier to swallow for some.


Quoting "Jay R. Ashworth" <jra at baylink.com>:

> On Mon, Sep 11, 2006 at 01:47:26PM -0500, jack snodgrass wrote:
>> Maybe my concerns for LVM are unfounded. I am sure that LVM is
>> 'stable' but I'm more concerned with hardware failures.
>> Say that you have a 1.5TB LVM partition made up of 4-5 drives. What
>> happens to the 1.5TB of data if you loose one of the drives? Do you
>> loose just the data on the drive... or do you screw up the whole LVM
>> partition? How easy is it to get the 1.5TB - less the failed drive -
>> back up and available? I'd hate to loose it all if one of the drives
>> cratered.
> You will.
> Well, maybe you won't lose *everything*... but what's happening there
> is roughly that you're using the LVM software drivers to emulate RAID-0
> longitudinal striping, and then putting *one* filesystem on top of it.
> If one of those drives blows, you're going to have a 200GB hole in the
> middle of your 1TB filesystem, and yes, fsck will probably not be happy
> about that.
> There has been intermittent talk over the last couple years about
> making MythTV know how to deal with multiple media storage directories.
> I haven't been following either list too tightly, so I don't know
> what's come of that topic lately.  Anybody know?
> Cheers,
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