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Mon Sep 11 18:55:29 UTC 2006

You are exactly right.  LVM ( Not on RAID ) will be ALL gone in the  
event of a failed drive.  I only put on data I dont mind ( too much  
anyway ) losing.  I have a 1TB RAID 5 on software now.  I would like  
more space and can see the need for it soon.  A good pricepoint /  
redundancy discussion would be interesting.

What I do now, is this.  I have 4 320G drives.  I started with 3 in a  
RAID 5 and did a raid_reshape ( brand new in mdadm ) to actually add a  
4th drive into the RAID as an active drive.  I can add more now via  
the same method.  The reshape works fine for me but is certainly beta.  
  It is the closest I can come to LVM gorwability and hardware  
redundancy.  Probably the best procepoint going too. My whole setup  
for 1TB was just over $400.


Quoting jack snodgrass <mrlinuxgroups at gmail.com>:

> Maybe my concerns for LVM are unfounded. I am sure that LVM is
> 'stable' but I'm more concerned with hardware failures.
> Say that you have a 1.5TB LVM partition made up of
> 4-5 drives. What happens to the 1.5TB of data if you
> loose one of the drives? Do you loose just the data
> on the drive... or do you screw up the whole LVM
> partition? How easy is it to get the 1.5TB - less the
> failed drive - back up and available?  I'd hate to loose
> it all if one of the drives cratered.
> I got burned a couple of times with software raid
> and now I'm a bit concerned with 'virtual' drives.
> My software raid mirrored ( perfectly ) my corrupted
> file system. Instead of one bad / corrupted file system,
> I had several raid drive copies of it. ;( They mirror
> part did work....
> jack
> On 9/11/06, list at onnow.net <list at onnow.net> wrote:
>> My only comment on this ( no expertise on how to make Myth play with
>> the partitions ) is that LVM is very stable and reliable.  There
>> should be no fear in using it.  I ahve run 1TB plus LVM with no issues.
>> The points you address are quite interesting and becoming more and
>> more common on this list.  You are at 1.5TB.  I just jumped to 1TB and
>> many users are finding the need to add mass storage that is
>> affordable.  Let us know how you do as I am sure this will become more
>> and more crucial over the months.
>> Mark
>> Quoting jack snodgrass <mrlinuxgroups at gmail.com>:
>> > I use mythtv for HD recordings. The HD shows take up a lot of space (
>> > 100 gig for 4
>> > football games ) and I might not watch some shows for several days /
>> > weeks. I like to
>> > keep ALL copies of some shows but I may not watch them for 6 months.
>> >
>> > So... I end up with data that I can classify into 'active' and
>> > 'archive'. I am planning on
>> > splitting my 1.5 tera-byte LVM drive into smaller, physical drives. (
>> > LVM scares me ) .
>> > Another issue I have besides LVM is the noise / heat caused by the
>> > drives that make
>> > up my LVM partition.
>> >
>> > To splip up my 1.5TB LVM partion, I am going to change it to   
>> something like
>> > /opt/store1
>> > /opt/store2
>> > /opt/store3
>> > /opt/store4
>> > etc where these are phyical drives. I will use autofs to mount and unmount
>> > the drives as needed. If the system doesn't access /opt/store1   
>> for 60 seconds
>> > it will be unmounted. I've used autofs for a while and I think it
>> > will work fine
>> > for this. autofs will have the 'active' stuff mounted and available for
>> > immediate access. The 'archive' stuff will be unmounted. When the data
>> > is needed, autofs will mount it. There will be a few second delay while
>> > the drive is mounted, but I can live with that.
>> >
>> > What I haven't done and what I plan on looking at is running hdparm on
>> > the drives once they are automonted ( or setting up a BIOS timer or
>> > a drive setting ) to spin down the drives when they are unmounted. I
>> >  think that
>> > this will reduce the heat and noise made by the drives.
>> >
>> > Assuming that I can get this /opt/storeX stuff set up like I want with the
>> > autofs and spining down the drives after they have been unmounted,
>> > how do I get mythtv to cooporate? Currently, I have /mnt/store. Everything
>> > that mythtv does goes on with /mnt/store. How can I make use of
>> > multiple /mnt/storeX ( or /opt/storeX ) partitions?
>> >
>> > Thanks - jack
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