[mythtv-users] Gentoo 0.20 (or pre-0.20) ebuilds?

Drew Bernat abernat at zathras.net
Mon Sep 11 14:42:30 UTC 2006

On Sep 11, 2006, at 9:40 AM, Michael Zanetti wrote:

> Hi,
> I have found this yesterday on the gentoo forums:
> http://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-t-490119-highlight-mythtv+svn 
> +ebuild.html?sid=d58b472d8db4c3ab51318d01c06029a0

Yup. That's the one that's down. Or at least it is for me - can  
anyone else get to integralblue? I get a name lookup failure.


Drew Bernat
abernat at zathras.net
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