[mythtv-users] Gentoo 0.20 (or pre-0.20) ebuilds?

Drew Bernat abernat at zathras.net
Mon Sep 11 14:34:47 UTC 2006

My frontend and backend are eagerly awaiting 0.20 :)

I'm running a Gentoo system, and I'd like to stick with ebuilds if  
possible. I noticed that there was a pre-0.20 overlay posted on the  
Gentoo forums, but the hosting server is down (could not be resolved  
at least). If anyone has a copy of the pre-0.20 files, or a kind-of- 
working 0.20 ebuild, could you bounce them to me?


Drew Bernat
abernat at zathras.net
"Gentlemen, the stegosaur. Discuss" -- Axe Koala, 8-bit Theater

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