[mythtv-users] Palyback too fast

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Mon Sep 11 10:51:43 UTC 2006

> I just upgraded from FC3 to FC5. I installed FC5 on a brand new disk,
> imported the database from my old FC3 install and moved all the
> recordings over to the new disk. It's all up and running but I have
> one _very_ weird problem - all the recordings play back too fast and
> have high pitched voices , almost as if they're on the fast playback
> setting. It even does it with LiveTV which plays fast then halts
> monentarily then plays again then halts again etc etc - almost as if
> it keep catching up with the buffer and has to wait a moment before it
> starts again.

The other strangne thing about this is that I can fast forward for
through the 1st few minutes of a recording but not after that. I've
tried rebuilding the seek table on one of the recordings but it made
no difference :(


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