[mythtv-users] issues with sound output, using /dev/dsp1

Ákos Maróy darkeye at tyrell.hu
Mon Sep 11 07:56:26 UTC 2006


I'm having some issues with the sound output on MythTV. When watching
live TV, right after selecting the 'Watch TV' option - a TV station
comes up, but there's no sound. Just switching to another station brings
on sound, and from them on, it's all OK. Getting back to the main menu,
and going for 'Watch TV' again produces the same results.

When trying to watch a recording, there's no sound either. Unfortunately
here I can't apply the workaround as above, as there's no other channel
to switch to. Thus, I can't really watch any of the recorded shows
(well, I can watch, but I can't hear them :)

I'm using /dev/dsp1 instead of /dev/dsp, and I've set up the backend and
the frontend accordingly. Also, I've set the mixer settings as required:

- line in: mute, record
- capture: record

Could it be that /dev/dsp is hard-coded somewhere, and it tries to use
that instead of /dev/dsp1 at the beginning? (Or that /dev/mixer is
hardcoded, and it uses that instead of /dev/mixer1 ?)

Or there might be any additional places where I'd have to set /dev/dsp1
/ /dev/mixer1 ?


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