[mythtv-users] [OT] Mythtv and Plasma displays

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I use plasma. I have a VIZIO 42HDTV model. This is not the top of the line
model but suited my budget and need the time I bought it.

I record HDTV most of the time and play it at 16:9. If you ever record a
show at 4:3, MythTV can change the aspect ratio to fill your screen up.

When there's a residual image that can be seen on this model, there's a
built-in utility called 'Image Cleaner' that clears up this image. I don't
usually pause or leave a static image long on the TV set. 

Mythtv Rocks!

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I'm looking to purchase a new HDTV for use with my Myth box.  Due to space
considerations as well as the reviews of some of the better Plasma TVs, I'm
leaning towards Plasma.  Do many people with myth use plasma?

Are there concerns (burn-in) with watching 4:3 shows on an HD plasma
display?  If so, are there any workarounds (besides exiting out to the main
screen every hour)?


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