[mythtv-users] ivtv-0.7: live TV works, recordings don't

Preston Crow pc-mythtv06c at crowcastle.net
Mon Sep 11 02:00:06 UTC 2006

I upgraded to with ivtv-0.7, and I'm running the latest svn
sources.  I had to reset the connections in mythtv-setup; it's using
tuner1 and composite3 (for analog and digital cable channels
respectively) on /dev/v4l/video1 (video0 is the unused bttv portion of
my HD-2000 card).

It works fine for live TV.

Recordings fail on both composite and tuner, but work with my HD cards.

The log reports:
2006-09-10 16:59:01.714 TVRec(5): Changing from None to RecordingOnly
2006-09-10 16:59:01.731 TVRec(5): HW Tuner: 5->5
2006-09-10 16:59:01.968 Channel(/dev/v4l/video1): SetInputAndFormat() failed
2006-09-10 16:59:01.970 TVRec(5) Error: Failed to set channel to 242. Reverting to kState_None
2006-09-10 16:59:01.970 TVRec(5): Changing from RecordingOnly to None

I get the same error regardless of whether it's using composite (with an
external channel changer command) or the tuner.

How do I get my recordings to work again?

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