[mythtv-users] Support for xvid video?

Richard Freeman r-mythtv at thefreemanclan.net
Mon Sep 11 01:44:15 UTC 2006

Richard Freeman wrote:
> One other comment - the audio is distorted as well when using AC3
> pass-through in mythtv, although it decodes fine if sent as PCM.
> mplayer works fine with AC3 pass-through (receiver shows that it is
> receiving AC3), so it isn't a hardware issue.

Hmm - it seems like I was able to fix the AC3 problem by setting the
output audio device to ALSA:iec958 - the audio still cuts out a bit more
than it should, but for the most part it plays.  I wouldn't be surprised
if the remaining audio issues are related to the video issues (or maybe
I can tweak some buffer setting for that).

I'm slowly but surely trying a variety of encoding
resolutions/codecs/libraries/etc - so far no luck but perhaps I'll hit
on something, or maybe mpeg2 will work.  Mplayer handles just about
everything fine.  I'd just play the files using mythvideo but then I
lose commercial skip, the program list functionality, ff/rew jump-back,

If anybody has suggestions feel free to toss them my way.  If I do
figure it out I might find some place to post it for anybody else who
runs into this sort of thing.

Actually, mythtranscode would do the job just fine if it only had an
audio pass-through option...  :)

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