[mythtv-users] mythtv crashes

Matthias Thyroff lists at Thyroff.net
Sat Sep 9 22:19:42 UTC 2006

Am Sat, 9 Sep 2006 16:42:52 -0500
schrieb "Michael Schmitt" <mikejschmitt at gmail.com>:

> i am following this setup procedure
> http://hyams.webhop.net/mythtv/myth_ubuntu.html
> once i try mythtv for a test run:
>      mythbackend & mythfrontend
> it starts up fine...  when I try and watch tv, the screen goes blank
> and when it comes back i am loged off of my mythtv user and i am at
> my login start page.  ??????
> i am able to record a channel alright.  but when i try to watch the
> recording it does the same thing as above.
> i know mysql stuff is not set up right but i thought that is just for
> the tv guide listings...
> any ideas on what to do?
> thanks,
> michael

Hi Michael, 

I am not a big expert, but this sounds to me more like an X crash when
video reproduction is started than a myth crash (when my frontend
crashes, I normally end up in X, not in the login screen). 

This can be true even if full screen video playback with other programs,
for example with mplayer, works. 

So it might be necessary to look into your X configuration. To test my
theory, you could setup your X in svga mode and try it again. You will
certainly not get useful video playback because this is too slow, but
check if it crashes.

You could also try another video card if you have one at hand. 

If that does not help, you'll probably have to post more information:
sw versions, exact system behaviour (frontend, backend, increase log
level, start frontend with "mythfrontend -v playback > logfile.txt"),
log file contents, hardware, drivers, frontend setup...

Good luck


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