[mythtv-users] New HTPC case from Antec

Ian Macdonald ian at caliban.org
Sat Sep 9 19:51:38 UTC 2006

On Fri 08 Sep 2006 at 07:30:27 -0700, you wrote:

> This looks a lot like a smaller version of my Zalman HD160. Any idea  
> on if the VFD will work with Myth? I've had no luck getting the VFD  
> on my case to do anything more than display the welcome message.

My MythTV box is in an OrigenAE X11 case:


I think this is a pretty nice-looking case, comparable with the Antec in
terms of not resembling a computer too strongly.

It comes with an IRtrans VFD, which is supported in Linux. IRtrans has
code on their site that will interface with LCDproc, so that MythTV can
manipulate the display. It works rather well, I must say.

Anyway, that's another case you could consider if you want a working
VFD. The biggest issue with the case is the price, in my opinion. I paid
€379 for mine.

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