[mythtv-users] Microsoft MCE RC and keyboard - working

Neil Dunbar neil.dunbar at pobox.com
Sat Sep 9 08:47:15 UTC 2006


Just a note to say that the mod_mce (http://mod-mce.sf.net) stuff by Florian 
Demski now has a combined LIRC and user input kernel module, so that you can 
now use a Microsoft MCE keyboard and the remote control at the same time.

Tested it with my Mythbox, and it works a treat (although the little mouse 
joystick on the keyboard is somewhat unpredictable - not a driver problem I 
think - just crappy design). The keyboard especially is nice, since my Belkin 
RF keyboard has a range of ~1 metre, whereas the Microsoft IR keyboard works 
from the other side of the room.

It's even worth a very small "woot".



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