[mythtv-users] mythweb config show urls?

Eric Hattemer eric at hattenator.dyndns.org
Sat Sep 9 05:59:40 UTC 2006

So I upgraded mythtv and mythweb to svn (first upgrade I've done since
February).  I copied over the new mythweb, and now I'm confused. 
There's no config file anymore?  There's one in the includes directory,
but it doesn't seem very useful.  All of the TV shows redirect to the
main recorded programs menu.  I tried logging into mythweb and changing
the "global defaults".  I set the video URL to file://z:.  There's no
note on the page on whether it should be file://z:/$variable or anything
like that.  When I go to the recorded programs, now I see file://z:/ for
all the files, instead of file://z:/filename.  I set the errors email,
and haven't been emailed any errors.  What's going on?

-Eric Hattemer

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