[mythtv-users] Option to save in DVR-MS format

Dewey Smolka dsmolka at gmail.com
Sat Sep 9 05:44:56 UTC 2006

> But DVR-MS ability could save the life of MythTV.  When the CableCard
> Digital media adapters are available for Vista I fear the outlook for
> MythTV is grim!
> V

Oh it's not so bad. Analog SDTVs will be around for quite a while. As
long as they are, STBs will be available. As long as they are, your
PVR cards will still work and you'll be able to do what you want with
all that juicy cable/sat content you've already bought. I don't really
think that MythTV's life is in danger, and so doesn't really need

CableCard has been 'right around the corner' for years now, but we're
farther away than ever from seeing an actual product that's useful in
the ways we want. DRM? Broadcast flags? Auto-expiring content beyond
my control? Signal encryption all the way to the display? No thanks.
I'd still prefer the convoluted digital-analog-digital-analog-digital
conversion process I have to deal with now.

As far as the original post goes, I would rather the developers not
waste any time in trying to overcome the shortcomings of that other
OS. Don't fear Vista as far as media goes or indeed anything else --
just ignore it.

I understand your frustration that you've invested so much into a
platform whose makers refuse to respect that you want to do things
other than what they intend you to do. But they're not going to change
their minds, and I doubt many folks here will lose sleep over that.

Instead, I'd be looking at the state of XB360 hacking, although it
will likely be some time before it's running Linux natively. More
simply, keep one 360 for games and trade the others for XBs for front
ends. I'd reckon it's about a one-for-two trade right now.

Your desktop can still run that other OS as long as you're not
watching TV on it -- and why would you watch TV on a desktop? You
still have full access to scheduling, etc through Mythweb. If you
really needed to watch on your desktop, and dual-booting (or Knoppix
live FE) were out of the question, there's always VLC, Samba, and

Sorry if this isn't what you want to hear, but I think trying to adapt
MythTV to a crippled format would be a big, big step backwards. Maybe
you should be looking at ways to hack MSMCE into working with open

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