[mythtv-users] Option to save in DVR-MS format

Jonn Jonz martian_manhunter at excite.com
Sat Sep 9 01:11:13 UTC 2006

Wouldn't want to start a flame war, but I'm moving to MythTV from an MCE environment BECAUSE of the MS-DVR format.  After a year of searching, I have yet to find any tools that will let me edit and burn video in that format or convert reliably to a format I can work with, and MCE has even made my usual video tools (WinTV2000, Roxio 7.5 and 8.0, etc) fail when trying to use the PVR-150 MCE that came in the box.

If this option IS added to MythTV, please comment the code well so that I can remove it from what I run on my box.


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>I have rewritten this email 5 times.  I have decided the best >way for me to make my case is to describe how I want this to >work.Storing in DVR-MS format would enable me to set up a >central Linux File server to store all recordings from MythTV >and Windows Media Center in one place.  Even though MythTV has a >superior frontend interface, my primary desktop computer is >Windows, so I'd like to use Media Center to view all my recorded >television.  Another plus to this is that I would be able to use >my Xbox 360's as frontends for my MythTV recorded programming.  >From my limited understanding and from what I have been able to >uncover from the web, DVR-MS is just MPEG2 wrapped with Media >Center's metadata.  Is it at all possible for MythTV to >optionally save it's recordings in this format with the >metadata.I love Linux for all server 'stuff', however I still >prefer windows on the desktop.  Right or wrong, the majority of >the people on this planet use Windows on the 
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