[mythtv-users] New HTPC case from Antec

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Fri Sep 8 23:27:04 UTC 2006

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>On Sep 8, 2006, at 1:37 PM, Mike Frisch wrote:
>> I hope there's an early adopter who does the dirty
work for us :)
>> If one is paying a premium for a case with VFD, we
need to be sure  
>> it's
>> going to be compatible with MythTV.
>This case will be much more attractive when the new
Core 2 Duo mATX  
>chipset boards arrive. :)
I ordered a G965-based mATX board.  X3000 graphics
with full XvMC (iDCT)--whoohoo!  You need the "G"
rather than the "Q" chipset for iDCT. 

XvMC plus Core 2 Duo (Conroe) should provide decoding

Drivers are in beta now.  I hope Intel supports us
well.  I've never been able to get the Via Unichrome
Pro stuff to fully work, though I'd like to buy from
manufacturers who support the community with high
quality source code.  Has anyone tried these drivers



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