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Fri Sep 8 23:04:16 UTC 2006

On 08/09/06, jim scott <jimdscott at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks for the reply, Chuck.
> I've got a dual LNB dish and 2 DirecTV boxes. I'm assuming I would have to
> configure MythTV to control each of my 2 DirecTV set top boxes if I want to
> be able to record one channel why watching another. I just don't know if
> that's even possible.

Yes it is - as long as you have a way of controlling the two boxes
independently, such as with 2 IR blasters, or 2 serial connections.
Some boxes allow you to change the IR codeset that they use, so that
you can use a single IR blaster with a different LIRC config for each
box. Other boxes do not allow this and so you must use 2 separate

A typical setup would require:

i) add your capture card(s) in mythtv-setup
ii) create a video source that contains the channels available from
DirecTV, ensuring that the frequency (freqid) field contains the
channel numbers for your DirecTV channels (this is the value that the
IR blaster script uses to change channels on the set top box)
iii) in Input Connections, attach the DirecTV source to the two
baseband (S-Video/composite) inputs on your capture card(s) you will
use for recording. Attach a channel change script to each of these
inputs (each script must control one of the IR blasters separately
from the other). Also ensure the starting channel is valid.
iv) if the DirecTV boxes are in close proximity, you may need to
shield the IR blasters so that there are no stray IR signals that
could affect the other box
v) grab your program listings and then fire up the backend


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