[mythtv-users] LightWeight Window Manager & fonts

Tom Lichti tom at redpepperracing.com
Fri Sep 8 19:28:14 UTC 2006

Preston Crow wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-09-08 at 15:21 -0400, Scott wrote:
>> I'm trying to understand where xrandr would be an advantage for  
>> systems running HD. I think xrandr would only be an advantage for HD  
>> boxes so that the myth gui could run at one resolution  (SD) while  
>> playback could run at another resolution (HD). Are you using this  
>> type of configuration?
> I play 1080i content in 1080i mode and 720p content in 720p mode.  Sure,
> my TV is probably doing an internal conversion for one of them, but it's
> less work for Myth to do the playback in the native format.  I run the
> GUI in 720p.
> The window manager needs to have some awareness of xrandr in order to
> deal with running helper applications in full screen mode (which is
> different, depending on the xrandr status).  Or at least that's how I
> understand it.
Makes sense to me. Not something I've had to deal with, so I can't help 


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