[mythtv-users] New Motherboard, any thoughts

John Pierce john.j35 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 8 16:41:31 UTC 2006

Hello, I have MythTV 0.19 running OpenSuSE 10.1, which is sitting on
an AMD Athlon XP 1800 and an old Biostar motherboard with the VIA
chipset and a HopHog PVR 500MCE.  I have been bitten by the via
chipset problem of have the system reboot spontaneously for sometime.
I have under clocked this machine to the bare minimum and still random
reboots ranging from 5 to 30 minutes of live tv, and forget live tv
and record from the second tuner.

So, I am going to buy a new mother board and I have a couple of models
in mind, I was hoping that someone could give me some thoughts on

First choice
Gigabyte K8U ULi Socket 754 ATX Motherboard
Imagine what you'll be able to do when you you've got a system running
on the intimidating AMD Athlon 64 processor, DDR400 Memory, SATA hard
drive, powerful AGP8X video, sensational Realtek audio sound, high
speed USB 2.0 support and lots more? Games glittering with immersive
graphics. You bet! Professional applications for work – not a problem.
Just having fun with the computer.

- Chipset: ULi M1689
- Front Side Bus: 1600MHz
- Processor Interface: Socket 754

Second choice
 MSI RX480 Neo2-F ATI Socket 939 ATX Motherboard
MSI's remarkable RX480 Neo2-F. We just sealed a nice deal for this
phenomenal Socket 939 motherboard, and we're passing on the savings.
This is one high-flying motherboard, custom-crafted for AMD's amazing
64-bit Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core, Athlon 64FX and Athlon 64 processors
with HyperTransport technology.

- Chipset: ATI Radeon Xpress200P/SB450
- Front Side Bus: 1000MHz
- Processor Interface: Socket 939

Third choice
  Biostar GeForce 6100-M7 NVIDIA Socket 754 MicroATX Motherboard
Be prepared to own a motherboard that exceeds the power of gravity.
Biostar's new Biostar GeForce 6100-M7 NVIDIA Socket 754 platform will
send your PC into a high-performance orbit that will hold you in
thrall for years to come

- Chipset: NVIDIA GeForce 6100/Nforce 410
- Front Side Bus: 800MHz
- Processor Interface: Socket 754

I chose this order due to the number of expansion slots, I do not like
just one or two expansion slots.

I would any appreciate any thoughts or suggestions!

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