[mythtv-users] IR Blaster and Channel change script for Myth TV

Robin Gilks g8ecj at gilks.org
Fri Sep 8 12:03:16 UTC 2006

> So how should I have to proceed now?

The trick is that you need two sets of codes in your lircd.conf file - one
set for the receiver that allows the remote to be recognised and another
set for the transmitter (IR Blaster) that has all the codes that your STB
(set top box) understands. Just 'cat'ing the two files together is fine,
lircd will understand it. They have different labels (thats the line in
the file that starts 'name ...'), the receive one doesn't really matter
but the transmit one to the STB is required in the channel change script
in the 'irsend' line

If you can't find a ready made file for the STB you can make one using
irrecord if you have the original remote for the STB that you can 'learn'
from. Just follow the instructions for irrecord on the lirc.org website.

I've got 4 sets in my file, one for the remote, one for the STB, one for
the TV to turn it on/off and one for the theatre amp to turn it on/off
(I've got 3 IR LEDs on my blaster wired in series). Works well!!

Robin Gilks

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