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> >>Yes you can provided you use a different X screen.
> >>You'll need to TV adapter though, you can't watch the same channel on
> >>the two screens at the same time
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> I gave this a shot, and it seems to work with a couple of caveats:
> 1.  The audio from both frontends is mixed through the soundcard
> (should have expected this, is there anyway to split the audio to a
> different card?)

Have you got two soundcards?

> 2.  The resolutions of both mythfrontends is identical - I would need
> them to be different, i think this might be a command line option.

You may want to start the second frontend under a different username.
If you do this you can then have separate ~/.mythtv/mysql.txt which will
allow you to set up a unique identifier which will allow you to configure
the frontends independently as I believe you've currently got them both
running from the same configuration.

> 3.  The remote controls both frontends simultaneously, what one does the
> other does -  this would also need to be separated to be useful

A separate username with it's own home directory will also allow you to use
separate lirc configuration files allowing you to use two remote controls to
control the mythfrontend's independently IIRC. 

> I think there are command line options to specify configuration file
> path as well, so this might fix most of the issues....
> Rett

Hi Rett,

Thinking about it some more, it would probably work just as well if you made
an alternate home directory for the second frontend and change that in a
script that starts up the frontend. This way any permissions may not arise,
though I can't think of any off hand.

I think you should do some in depth searching of the archives because IIRC
this has been discussed many times in some detail.


Is your friend. As for search queries it's early here and I'm still in bed
so can't be of much help at the moment I'm afraid.

Good luck!

Please post back any success stories!

Steve Daniels

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