[mythtv-users] Touchscreen Myth Frontend

Paul Bender pebender at san.rr.com
Fri Sep 8 00:26:37 UTC 2006

Dan Hawker wrote:

> Hi All,
> My only worries are...
> # screen - the screen is a DigiPOS 15" touchscreen LCD (serial driven). 
> Allegedly these are rebadged ELO devices, or at least thats the drivers 
> they say you can use. Has anyone used one of these beasts before and/or 
> had any experience (preferably good) with getting touchscreens working 
> with Myth???

MythTV 0.20 adds mouse support for menus. Until you have that, I doubt 
that you will be able to get a touchscreen working very well. I tried 
ith with MythTV 0.17 without any luck, so I put it on the shelf an 
waited for mouse support. I plan to try it again with MythTV 0.20.

> # expansion - I'd also like to add a remote to this device (am lazy). 
> Unfortunately the touchscreen is serial based and the EPIA has only one 
> serial port. It also only has one PCI slot (soon to be populated with a 
> wireless card).
> Hence the lack of any additional serial ports. The mobo has a CIR port 
> on it. Has anyone connected a CIR receiver to a EPIA board, did it work, 
> is it compatible with LIRC???  I've seen some dead cheap USB based IR 
> remotes (incl receivers) around, but have noticed on the list that these 
> are generally useless. Is this correct???  Would it just be easier to 
> get one of these???

If it does not need to be dead cheap, you might consider a MCE remote. I 
use them with my Myth frontends and they work well. Besides, there is 
somthing fun about using Microsoft branded hardware in a completely FOSS 

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