[mythtv-users] power off and on frontend only with remote

Paul Wheeler paulrwheeler at gmail.com
Thu Sep 7 20:51:14 UTC 2006

On 9/7/06, Stef Coene <stef.coene at docum.org> wrote:
> On Thursday 07 September 2006 21:56, Steven Adeff wrote:
> > > I have a silverstone case and that has a imon usb remote:
> > > http://venky.ws/projects/imon/
> > > The power-on button on the receiver is working great.  A shutdown can be
> > > done when you exit mythtv.
> >
> > wow, I never knew the imon could do this! Do I just have to set an
> > option in the BIOS for this to work?
> As far as memory goes, the psu has a output that has always power and this is
> connected to the receiver.
> The receiver sits between the power button of the case and the power input on
> the motherboard so you can use the power button on the case to power on the
> pc, but the receiver can also do a power on.
> Case: http://www.silverstonetek.com/products-lc11m.htm
> power connections:
> http://www.silverstonetek.com/downloao/installation-guide/vfdguide.jpg
Just to clarify things. There are two forms of the imon remote
reciever & vfd. The USB one has the power connector to power on your
pc.Instead of plugging the power switch into your motherboard you plug
it into the VFD/ir reciever and then plug that into your motherboard.
It will be case independent as long as you can fit the thing.

I would second the remote it is perfect for me as has enough buttons
to make full use of myth easily. My one gripe is that the colour
buttons are in the wrong order for uk interactive tv!! :-(

> Stef
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