[mythtv-users] any one using Nvidia 8774 driver

Calin Brabandt cbrabandt at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 7 18:02:16 UTC 2006

Paul <mylists at wilsononline.id.au> says:
> I want to reduce the "tearing" effect for HDTV
output and therefor 
> hoping to upgrade to the latest Nvidia Driver to see
if if fixes or 
> improves this issue.

I updated my kernel to 2.6.17-1.2174_FC5, Myth from
atrpms, and my Nvidia driver to 8774 from Livna.  I
had to update my XvMC lib link in /usr/lib manually:

sudo ln -s /usr/lib/nvidia/libXvMCNVIDIA.so.1.0.8774

Unfortunately, the video locks after a few second of
playback during "live" viewing or previously recorded


2006-09-07 10:58:43.751 NVP: Waiting for prebuffer..
2006-09-07 10:58:43.768 NVP: prebuffering pause
2006-09-07 10:58:43.768 NVP: Waiting for prebuffer..
2006-09-07 10:58:43.784 NVP: prebuffering pause
2006-09-07 10:58:43.784 NVP: Waiting for prebuffer..
2006-09-07 10:58:43.801 NVP: prebuffering pause
2006-09-07 10:58:43.801 NVP: Waiting for prebuffer..

I haven't had much time to work on it, but I'd just as
soon return to 8762 as it was working well but simply
running NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-8762-pkg1.run did not set
things back! :(

I advise caution WRT 8774.  I guess the atrpms 8774
package is out too but, like I said, I haven't had
much time to play with it.


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