[mythtv-users] forcing yuy2 capture format

rghetta birrachiara at tin.it
Thu Sep 7 12:58:39 UTC 2006

I have a lifeview trio, an hybrid analog/dvb card.
While this card has two indipendent tuners, if DVB is active, analog can 
be captured only by using non-planar formats (linux-dvb folks explained 
that is an hardware limitation of saa713x).
Indeed, by using "outfmt yuy2" (again, from advice by linux-dvb) I can 
open two mplayer instances tuned to different channels.
I'd like to do the same with mythtv, but was unable to find a suitable 
option. I've looked at the force_xxx filters, but they specify only 
planar formats.
Anybody can help ? I'm using mythtv SVN.


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