[mythtv-users] Frontend dies - backend carries on Watching LiveTV

Jon Whitear jon at whitear.org
Thu Sep 7 11:55:50 UTC 2006

Hello list,

I have a separate front end/back end set-up, running recent SVN. 
Occasionally the front end dies (whether that be a crash, or just the 
power going out) while watching live tv. The backend (UPS powered) 
doesn't notice that the frontend has gone away, and carries on recording 
that channel.

There seems to be no way to stop a Live TV recording other than 
restarting the backend. Is there a way to do this from the frontend? I'm 
thinking I could add a menu item to telnet into the backend and restart 
the mythbackend process, but wouldn't know where to start. It would be 
nice to be able to go into the frontend's system status screen, and 
'reset' a tuner from there. It would be really nice if mythbackend 
noticed when a frontend went away, and stopped doing whatever that 
frontend has asked it to do, i.e. record Live TV.



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