[mythtv-users] Seeking with x264 Matroska files?

Isaac Richards ijr at case.edu
Thu Sep 7 00:20:40 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 06 September 2006 8:13 pm, Steven Adeff wrote:
> I've got some matroska encapsulated x264 encoded files. They seem to
> playback ok through the internal player, but I can't seem to
> fastforward/jump time in the file. mplayer is able to so I'm wondering
> if anyone knows if this is an x264 or matroska issue with the Internal
> player?

Last I checked (there was a ticket opened a while back), ffmpeg can't seek 
in .mkv files at all.  Myth depends on that working for the Internal player, 
so, it needs to be fixed in ffmpeg.


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