[mythtv-users] Trying to use non-PVR-350 audio for watching TV.

Ian Macdonald ian at caliban.org
Wed Sep 6 22:20:20 UTC 2006


Forgive the repetition, but I think this question may have been lost in
the noise of another thread.

I have a PVR-350 that I've looped into my sound card. I've unchecked the
box telling MythTV to use the PVR-350 for audio, so audio should now go
via the sound card, right?

Well, if I use MythMusic, the sound DOES go via the sound card. Great.
However, as soon as I watch TV (either live or a recorded programme),
the sound goes back to coming out of the TV (via the relevant SCART
pins, I presume, from the PVR-350). Why is this?

Is it not possible to watch TV via the PVR-350's MPEG2 decoder, whilst
having the sound from that stream go via the sound card? Must one choose
to have NEITHER the audio NOR the video go via the PVR-350 for the sound
to be routed via the sound card?


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