[mythtv-users] Setup problems on FC4

William Munson wmunson at rochester.rr.com
Wed Sep 6 19:30:53 UTC 2006

Jim Marshall wrote:
> Sorry if this is a duplicate, I can not find the original on the list 
> (also fixed a bunch of typos).
> *sigh* On Friday I considered myself a fairly intelligent Linux user 
> (I've been programming on Linux for about 5 years now), now however; I 
> am left thinking that is not the case. Some of these questions may not 
> belong here, I would appreciate a pointer to the correct place to ask 
> them.
> setup:
>  Pentium 4 2.8ghz
>  Fedora Core 4 (Originally installed FC5 but after getting latest 
> kernel the machine freezes during start-up :( )
>  nVidia FX5700
>  nVidia 8774 Linux driver
>  1 Happauge PVR-150
>  1 pcHDTV-3000
>  1 IDE 40GB hard drive
>  1 SATA 230GB HD
>  Data Pro VGA to Component converter
> I followed the HOW-TO by Jared Wilson, which was very helpful. But I'm 
> at a point where I do not know if I am doing stuff wrong or not.
> 3 Issues (for now):
>  1 - (easy) I start mythfrontend, when I get into something like 
> "Weather" I can't see to exit it? What key do I use to exit the 
> weather info (I end up hitting alt-f4 to kill Myth). hitting 'esc' 
> doesn't seem to work
The ESC key should work. Sounds like the focus bug has bit you. Try 
setting focus follows mouse in your desktop settings.
>  2 - Screen resolutions. I realize this is suppose to be hard, but I'm 
> having no luck what so ever. I installed Windows on a spare HD and 
> used that and had very little success. I ended up with two modlines:
>    Mode "NTSC-DVD-59.94p"
>         DotClock 26.937
>         HTimings 640 664 736 760
>         VTimings 480 482 488 525
>     EndMode
>     Mode "my800x600"
>         DotClock 56.250
>         HTimings 800 848 912 1032
>         VTimings 600 601 604 631
>         Flags "+HSync" "+VSync"
>     EndMode
> I can see the entire screen, and pictures are "ok" but text is just 
> unreadable :( Are the above modes OK? Trying to go above 800x600 in 
> power strip just ended up with the TV not working. This is on a test 
> TV that I have (A Sony 46wt510 which only displays 1080i (I believe). 
> My regular TV is a Sony WS55805.
Modelines are a royal pain the arse. I finally found a couple of working 
HD modelines for my monitor but it took much trial and error. Jarod had 
a bunch of them in the hints and tricks section and some of them worked. 
I just had to customize the visible portion of the modeline to fit my 
screen. Search for posts from me to find details on how to customize a 

>  3 - When I installed FC4, I took the HOW-TO's advice and setup a LVM 
> for the SATA drive. As best as I can tell the LV is there but I can 
> not see it on the system. For example:
> /sbin/vgscan
>   Reading all physical volumes.  This may take a while...
>   Found volume group "videofiles" using metadata type lvm2
> /usr/sbin/lvscan
>   ACTIVE            '/dev/videofiles/videovol01' [233.72 GB] inherit
> In Disk Druid I set this up to mount to '/videos', but that mount is 
> not there. I can not seem to locate where this mount is - anyone have 
> any idea where or how I can find this?
The device mapper should have automounted it under 
/dev/mapper/videofiles so it should be a simple linking job to map it.

> sorry if these are stupid questions, I'm just getting to a point where 
> I am lost.
> Thanks in advance
> -Jim
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