[mythtv-users] Backup

stan stanlist at cox.net
Tue Sep 5 18:53:43 UTC 2006

There was a thread a while back suggesting MondoRescue for MythTV backup.
I'm currently using partimage running from a standalone Knoppix system.
I've never restored from my backups so I'm not really sure I'm doing the
right thing.
Is MondoRescue better (faster, more reliable, more features, etc.) than a
plain partimage backup?
Someone in the old thread mention they had to adjust a few thing after doing
a MondoRescue restore to get MythTV working?  Why?  Is there something that
can be done to avoid the necessity of post restore adjustments?  Can
MondoRescue backups be run from a standalone CD booted system, and would
this help in eliminating the need for post restore adjustments?
I'm just looking for something that will do a complete backup and let me
completely restore over everything on my MythTV system except for my
/video/recordings partition.  I was hoping for the ability to just do a
restore, reboot my MythTV machine, and be back where I was with no
adjustments needed.

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