[mythtv-users] Slow UI in MythTV SVN

Joel Means jmeans at physics.tamu.edu
Tue Sep 5 18:15:32 UTC 2006

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I posted this message on the mythtvtalk forum, but I thought I might get
a better response here.

I am building a new MythTV system. I had originally installed 0.19, but
found out about MythArchive and decided to go ahead and install from
svn. When I did this upgrade, the UI is now very slow to respond. It
takes ~ 1 second to change from one selection to another. Does anyone
know what could be causing this? I am using an EPIA EN12000EG
motherboard with the current Openchrome drivers. All of my prerequisite
software seems fine. I am using QT painter to run the gui, and I have
version 3.3.6 of QT with threads installed. I should also note that I
get the same behavior on an EPIA MII10000 and on an Athlon XP-M 2400+
system on an NVIDIA mobo with ATI 9600 video card, so I don't believe it
is video driver or processor dependent. Any help on this would be
greatly appreciated. My wife will not be very accepting of this system
if the UI is this slow to respond.
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