[mythtv-users] Paying one or some of the developers

Kevin O. Lepard kolepard002 at charter.net
Tue Sep 5 03:07:33 UTC 2006

>Who would you rather collect money from, after working on something for a
>couple of weeks:
>- $25 from 40 individual contributions
>- $1000 from 1 contribution

Certainly the latter.

Bounties might work if collected ahead of time, so the money was 
actually already in escrow.  I believe this is what they did when 
they were initially wanting to boot Windows on the new Intel Macs.

>"Bounties from individuals are unlikely to get much interest.  They tend to be
>on the order of a tiny amount of money for a huge amount of work."

True.  However, if something is sufficiently in demand by the user 
community--as the ability to boot Windows on Intel Macs was--the 
money can be there.

But I do think you need an escrow system so that the "winner" of the 
bounty can be sure to collect.

Just my thoughts.

Kevin O. Lepard

Happiness is being 100% Microsoft free.

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