[mythtv-users] LiveTV, browse mode - channel up/down switched

Nick knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Tue Sep 5 00:19:10 UTC 2006

On 04/09/06, Chris Pinkham <cpinkham at bc2va.org> wrote:
> * On Mon Sep 04, 2006 at 09:25:23PM +0100, Nick wrote:
> > On 04/09/06, John P Poet <jppoet at gmail.com> wrote:
> > > Is it intentional that CHANNEL-UP actually decreases the channel
> > > number, and CHANNEL-DOWN increases it, when in "browse mode", watching
> > > live tv?
> > >
> > > I use "live tv" mode about once a year, so I don't know how long it
> > > has been like this.  Since I don't do this very often, it does not
> > > really matter to me, but it seems really strange for it to work like
> > > this.
> >
> > It's always been this way. The design is such that naviagting down to
> > takes you to the next channel, and up navigates to the previous
> > channel. This is the same was navigating paper US TV listings that
> If he really means "Browse Mode" and not the guide, then NO, this is not
> intended functionality.  The channel buttons should work the same in
> "Browse Mode" as they do in LiveTV, where channel UP takes you to a
> higher channel number.  In the Guide, then channel up goes up 1 position
> on the screen which normally is a lower channel number.

Sorry to add confusion to the matter. I also do not see John's
behaviour in \LiveTV browse mode\.


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