[mythtv-users] Slow subtitle rendering in Internal player?

Jeppe N. Madsen jeppe at ingolfs.dk
Mon Sep 4 20:35:23 UTC 2006


I've been struggling to get the Internal player to work as a DVD
player using XvMC to no avail (see post yesterday for more detail). So
trying another line of attack I tried to make it work without
XvMC. This should be doable even on my low-budget hw (Duron 800,
fx-5200) and both mplayer & xine plays back ok without xvmc

So using libmpeg2 as decoder I'm able to play a DVD using 40-50% CPU
which seems to look ok. But when I enable subtitles (I'm danish :-)
the CPU usage jumps to 75-90% and the picture occasional stutters.

Is there anything to be done to render the subtitles more efficiently?


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