[mythtv-users] Dual display? Standalone X Session + Frontend

Luke Rosenthal mythtv at harderstuff.net
Sun Sep 3 23:27:27 UTC 2006

>> Just don't plan on using the TV out for a HD component feed - the
>> Nvidia drives don't support XvMC on the TV out.
> That's wrong. NVidia Drivers *DO* support XvMC over TV out, wether
> it's composite, svideo or component. *BUT* the NVidia HARDWARE only
> supports ONE XvMC Overlay, on the PRIMARY head. So, depending on how you
> write your x config, you can have XvMC on the TV *OR* XvMC on the DFP, but
> *NOT* *BOTH*.

Right.  I found the link to the config file referenced earlier in this


There's two monitor definitions (VGA and TVOUT), two device definitions
(deviceVGA and device TVOUT), and of course two screen definitions
(screenVGA and screenTVOUT).  How would one enable XvMC on the TV output,
but not the VGA?  Is it just the ordering of the definitions which is
important?  If so, which definition is the key - the monitor, the device,
or the screen?


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