[mythtv-users] Recordings do not appear in /myth/pretty

Hansa mythtv at logic-q.nl
Sun Sep 3 19:09:31 UTC 2006

> On 9/3/06, Hansa <mythtv at logic-q.nl> wrote:
> > I've just discovered that the links in /myth/pretty are not
> created anymore.
> > mythbackend.log seems OK.
> > Also, though I can find mysql.err, errors are never written to it
> > (filesize=0)
> > Where do start?
> See if MythLink.pl is running in cron.
> If so, try running MythLink command and see what errors get output to
> the console.
> That'd be a good place to start.

Running mythlink.sh showed:
Creating /myth/pretty/Save_the_last_dance-Aug31_2006_2020 from
Failed to create symlink
/myth/pretty/Save_the_last_dance-Aug31_2006_2020.mpg: File exists at -e line
60, <> line 19.
ls: /myth/pretty/Save_the_last_dance-Aug31_2006_2020.mpg: No such file or

	DELETE FROM recorded WHERE title='Save the last dance'

in mythconverg did the trick. I've also deleted the .nuv.

How did you know where to look? It's not the first time this kind of problem
occures. Solving the problem often isn't the issue. Finding the problem in
Myth is.. Where can I read more on how things work?


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