[mythtv-users] Disabling Recordings

chris at cpr.homelinux.net chris at cpr.homelinux.net
Sat Sep 2 06:17:34 UTC 2006

On Sat, Sep 02, 2006 at 12:59:58AM -0400, Michael T. Dean wrote:
> On 09/01/06 23:23, chris at cpr.homelinux.net wrote:
> >Perhaps it depends on where you add the override.  When I try to do 
> >it using MythWeb (running 0.19) the page refreshes and shows the 
> >episode is still there.  If I click on the "Do not record" link 6 
> >times and then go to the "Recording schedules" page I see six 
> >override entries for the same show.

> I'm not seeing this on my system (SVN r11005).

I'm not running SVN.  I'm using the "official" 0.19 release.  The 
fact that things are changed in a developer-only version of the 
software doesn't help me at the moment.  Perhaps when 0.20 comes 

> Note, though, that after I set the showing to not record, a later 
> showing was marked to record.  This is the desired behavior (and is 
> probably why you had to click, "Don't Record," six times--for six 
> showings of the episode).  A recording override only affects a specific 
> showing.

On my 0.19 box the six overrides were for the exact same episode on 
the same channel at the same time on the same date for the same 
length.  This wasn't a case of a later recording or even a 
recording at the same time on a different station.  It's a bug.  
I'll grab a screen capture next time.

> The text "Positively Never Record" (case insensitive) never appears 
> anywhere in Myth.  If you can point out the specific place (and/or exact 
> text) about which you have a question, I'm sure someone can help explain it.

I just went looking for it, and the text is "Absolutely don't record".
It appears in the context menu when I go to the "upcoming 
recordings" page in the frontend and select a show that is marked 
as a conflict or earlier/later recording.  Instead of the usual 
menu that says:
.    OK
.    Don't Record
.    Never Record
.    Edit Options
.    Add Override
I get one that says:
.    OK
.    Record Anyway
.    Absolutely don't record
.    Never Record
.    Edit Options
.    Add Override

"Absolutely don't record" sounds rather extreme. :-)

> Sure they can.  By assigning different callsigns to channels, you have 
> complete control over which channel is used and, by extension, which 
> input--an HDTV or SDTV input--is used.  So, call your SDTV channel WKMG 
> and your HDTV channel WKMG-HD or WKMG-D and you can decide whether to 
> record from an HDTV input or from an SDTV input.

Almost all of my rules are of the "record at any time on any 
channel" variety because I don't know where stuff is going to show 
up in the listings (particularly the "Power Search" rules and the 
movies selected by TVWish).  If I had a SD tuner and a HD tuner 
then I'd have to create a separate "record at any time on THIS 
channel" rule for every channel on the desired tuner if I wanted to 
ensure that movies were all captured from HD instead of SD.  It 
would be easier to have a rule that says "record at any time on any 
channel ON TUNER [0|1|2|...]" or "find and record once ON TUNER 

> >  If I assign 
> >them the same priority, Myth always pics the same show to record, 
> >so the only way I can get any episodes of the other show is to 
> >change their priorities or add overrides.
> Hmmm.  So the only way to get Myth to record what you want is to tell 
> Myth what you want to record... ;)

I shouldn't have to tell Myth "now I want one episode of The 
Oblongs", "now I want one episode of "Futurama", "now I want one 
episode of The Oblongs", "now I want one episode of "Futurama", 
etc.  Even if the ties were settled by a random roll of the virtual 
dice then I'd get more variety than the current scheduler (oldest 
rule *always* wins a tie?) provides.

> That wouldn't make people who record shows like Lost (where every 
> episode builds on the last so they must all be watched--and watched in 
> order) happy.

And a series in which the recording a viewing sequence is critical 
is unlikely to be the same priority as another show that occupies 
the same time slot, as the user would quickly notice the first time 
"Lost" was going to be skipped and would resolve that conflict 

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