[mythtv-users] azap tunes channels in channels.conf picked up by dvbscan, but myth won't

Chad masterclc at gmail.com
Fri Sep 1 09:27:58 UTC 2006


I'm trying to import my channels.conf that was created from dvbscan.
azap -r KUWB-HD successfully tunes WB.  However, when I go into
mythtv-setup, and channel editor, and try to import my channels.conf,
I just get returned to a blank screen.  Just for kicks I tried a
non-existent file, but it tossed up an error saying the file didn't
exist, so I know it's 'seeing' the file.

Any hints?

I am using 8VSB, not QAM.  It's an HD5500 card alongside an AverMedia
A180.  FWIW, I can scan for channels using MythTV's scanner (but only
on the A180) and it picks them up and adds them to the channel lineup;
however, I'm interested in why the channels.conf import is not

Thank you!


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