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Mon Oct 30 22:48:16 UTC 2006

> The answer to your question depends. ;-)
> If you are getting digests, as your question implies, you need to create a 
> new message with *exactly* the same subject line (typically with "RE:", 
> "Re:", "re:", etc. prefixed).  You can then paste in any relevant text from 
> the original message and add your input to the end.


I forgot an important item in the above!  It's always the obvious things I 
forget.  Like stating that you have to send the message to the list at 
mythtv-users at  ;-)

While I'm at it, in response to watkinshome's input to the thread, I wanted
to mention that on my mobo (Asus A8N32-SLI) I tried turning the BIOS 
alarm enable/disable to each state in turn, but it didn't affect the ACPI 
alarm.  It seems to treat the APM and ACPI as completely independent 
(and functional) power management systems and I couldn't find any way 
to enable/disable the ACPI alarm other than to "break" it in /etc/init.d/halt. ;-)


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