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Mon Oct 30 22:48:16 UTC 2006

using the Via chipsets to display HDTV is going into the MythTV-VID

Using the MythTV-VID branch, I'm still unable to get HDTV working with
my SP13000 (same as the SP8000 for myth's purposes), nor on my Commell
LV-667T (CN400 also).  Assuming you are using either DVI or VGA; the
TV encoder is not capable of displaying HDTV resolutions (it's a
hardware limitation of th VT1623 chipset whereas HDTV over VGA/DVI
using the CN400 chipset is a software limitation that only applies to
MythTV as HDTV displays fine in Xine).

So, using mainstream (unpatched) 0.20 or 0.20-fixes currently does not
allow HDTV playback; and last test I made (SVN from about a month ago)
SVN didn't either.  There are some patches that sort of work, if you
check Trac you will probably be able to find them.

Good luck!


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