[mythtv-users] Automatically restart backend on failure? (Gentoo)

Tom Lichti tom at redpepperracing.com
Tue Oct 31 20:32:42 UTC 2006

Andrew Lyon wrote:
>> On 10/31/06, Andrew Lyon <andrew.lyon at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Anybody know of a way to make mythbackend automatically restart if it
>>> crashes? I'm running Gentoo and myth 0.20 11607.
>> I too am a Gentoo user using a similar version (I use my own scripts/ebuilds
>> that take SVN snapshots and build from that).
>>  As for backend crashes I have not attempted a solution as the backend
>> crashes too infrequently for me to worry . For me the backend crashes only
>> when I access the status page of mythweb and at that only like 1 out of 20
>> times. I was wondering if this also is the cause of your backend crashes?
>>  John
> I'm not completely sure what causes the crashes, various things can
> cause it to happen but not every time so its hard to debug.
> Its been much better since I changed a timer value in the cam
> interface code (see posting last night), but still happens
> occasionally and id like it to automatically restart.
> I will write a script myself.
> Andy

Look for 'checkds.pl', I use it for other things, and it works well.


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